(1) Meeting Reminder; (2) Want to improve your Hasbara – CoHaV

Meeting Reminder:  Monday, September 18, 7:15 pm, Home of Marcia Torobin

After a relatively quiet summer we have a full agenda for discussion including anti-BDS legislation, political advocacy, “graffiti” posters around town, scheduling speakers for 2017-2018, our educational media program, etc.  Please send a note to info@sfmew.org to indicate your attendance.  Address and directions will be provided.  Thanks to Marcia in advance for hosting.

Want to improve your understanding of the positive aspects of Israel?

Check out this website, CoHaV.org, the International Umbrella for Volunteer Israel Advocacy Groups.  It has recently welcomed SFMEW to its midst.

SFMEW is a beneficiary organization of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico.  Attend JFNM’s 70th Anniversary celebration on Sept. 10th.  More details here.  If you want to share a ride down to ABQ for this event contact info@sfmew.org.