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Organizations and Online Resources Related to Israel

Compiled by CAMERA (see below) and Santa Fe Middle East Watch (

ADL: Anti-Defamation League,

The mission of ADL today is, as it has been in the past, to expose and combat the purveyors of hatred in our midst, responding to whatever new challenges may arise. Click on “Israel” and/or “What can you do to support Israel” to get to Common Misstatements about Israel; provides sample misstatements and possible responses. ADL has produced an Israel Advocacy Guide which is available both in print form and on its web site.


AIPAC: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee,

AIPAC is the only registered lobby that works with Congress and the administration to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship. AIPAC’s Political Leadership Development Program educates and trains college students to answer the tough questions about Israel and her neighbors, the peace process, and the U.S.-Israel relationship. AIPAC also encourages students to become politically involved.


AJC: The American Jewish Committee,

The mission of the American Jewish Committee is: (1) to safeguard the welfare and security of Jews in the United States, in Israel and throughout the world; (2) To strengthen the basic principles of pluralism around the world, as the best defense against anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry; (3) To enhance the quality of American Jewish life by helping to ensure Jewish continuity and deepen ties between American and Israeli Jews. See their pdf, “Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, a Brief Guide for the Perplexed.”


Americans for a Safe Israel,

Americans for a Safe Israel believe in a strong and safe Israel retaining possession of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan. The website provides announcements of upcoming events, press releases, publications, and articles This site translates Middle Eastern news into English to show how current events are reported throughout the region.


Beyond Images,

Beyond Images is a London-based website which provides facts and resources to help people to argue Israel’s case in an informed and coherent way, and to explain the context for Israel’s actions.


BIG LIES: Demolishing The Myths of the Propaganda War Against Israel

By David Meir-Levi This pamphlet covers three main topics: The Refugee Question The Eight Stages of the Creation of the Problem The Question of Occupation and the Settlements Campus Watch <>


The Broader View: Beyond the Headlines: Context and Perpectives on Israel and the Middle East,

Provides a central resource for information and materials about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  You will find here summaries and fact sheets regarding the top issues of the conflict along with source documents, maps, video clips, suggested reading, and links to additional materials.


Campus Watch,

Is a project of the Middle East Forum, monitors and critiques Middle East studies in North America, with an aim to improving them.


Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA),

CAMERA is a media-monitoring, research and membership organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East. CAMERA fosters rigorous reporting, while educating news consumers about Middle East issues and the role of the media. Because public opinion ultimately shapes public policy, distorted news coverage that misleads the public can be detrimental to sound policymaking. A non-partisan organization, CAMERA takes no position with regard to American or Israeli political issues or with regard to ultimate solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict.



The Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers is an umbrella organization of over 100 various advocacy groups around the world.


The Daily Alert,

The Daily Alert is prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs for the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. It contains synopses and extracts from articles about the most important issues relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It’s available both on the web and by email.


Definition of anti-Semitism by the US Department of State,  

See also:  Is anti-Zionism anti-Semitism?  See this posting from as reported by SPME:  Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism.  Get over it.


FLAME, Facts and Logic About the Middle East,

Publishes factual ads and letters to the editor to correct misperceptions about Israel and the Middle East.


The Gatestone Institute International Policy Council,

Gatestone is a think tank with a heavy emphasis on the Middle East dedicated to educating the public about what the mainstream media fails to report in promoting:

  • Institutions of Democracy and the Rule of Law;
  • Human Rights
  • A free and strong economy
  • A military capable of ensuring peace at home and in the free world
  • Energy independence
  • Ensuring the public stay informed of threats to our individual liberty, sovereignty and free speech.

See their video by Col. Kemp:


Global Terrorism Database,

The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) is an open-source database including information on terrorist events around the world from 1970 through 2015 (with additional annual updates planned for the future).  Information about Islam terrorist actions can be found at What Makes Islam So Different?


GLORIA Center,

GLORIA is a research center located at the Interdisciplinary Center,Herzliya (IDC). Focuses on the modern Middle East and its relations with other regions. Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal, and a featured columnist for PajamasMedia, offers insightful analysis.


Good News From Israel,

Provides news of Israel’s achievements and heartwarming stories from the Jewish state.



The largest Jewish campus organization in the world, Hillel is committed to a pIuralistic vision of Judaism that embraces all movements. Click on “Israel Solidarity” to access additional background materials, speakers and partner agencies. Hillel’s web site contains an online hotline, Ask an Expert, to help students with Israel related issues that arise on campus.



HonestReporting monitors the news for bias, inaccuracy, or other breach of journalistic standards in coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It also facilitates accurate reporting for foreign journalists covering the region. HonestReporting is not aligned with any government or political party or movement.


IRIS — Information Regarding Israel’s Security,

IRIS is an unaffiliated grass-roots organization dedicated to helping the public better understand Israel’s legitimate security needs, especially vis-a-vis the so-called peace process.


Israel Action Network,

A joint program between the Jewish Federations of North America and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, created to counter assaults made on Israel’s legitimacy. A very useful link is to their “Fact Sheets and Talking Points.”


Israel Active,

Israel Active highlights Israel’s achievements in the fields of medicine, science, technology, business, co-existence, humanitarian aid, culture, entertainment, sport and building the Jewish State.


Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the official Israeli government website. It provides up-to-date news on current events, Israel’s policy statements, developments in the peace process, facts about Israel, a timeline, Israeli laws, and much more.


Israel On Campus Coalition,

The Israel on Campus Coalition is a network of national organizations working to promote Israel education and advocacy on university campuses across North America. The more than one dozen Jewish agencies are committed to bringing pro-Israel resources to campus (including speakers, marketing campaigns, reference materials, etc.), launching national initiatives in support of Israel, and providing information on Israel travel.


The Israel Video Network,

IVN has many illustrated videos about Israel, the Palestinians, etc., distributing online videos about Israel and the Jewish people today.


The Israel Project,

The Israel Project (TIP) is a one-stop source for detailed and accurate information about Israel and the Middle East.


Israel 21c,

ISRAEL21c offers topical and timely reports on how Israelis from all walks of life and religion, innovate, improve and add value to the world.


Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs,

The interdisciplinary Jerusalem Center relies on a team of experts in diplomacy, military strategy, and international law to undertake missions appropriate for non-governmental organizations. It also prepares The Daily Alert for the Council of Presidents.


Jewish Council for Public Affairs,

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs serves as the representative voice of the organized American Jewish community in addressing the principal mandate of the Jewish community relations field.


Jewish Virtual Library,

The Jewish Virtual Library is the most comprehensive online Jewish encyclopedia in the world. More than 8,000 articles and 3,000 photographs and maps are integrated into the site.



The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, an organization which specializes in the security aspects of the American-Israeli friendship.


JTA Daily Briefing,

Global news service of the Jewish people,offers investigative reporting, in-depth analysis, opinion and features on current events and issues of interest to the Jewish world.


The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center,

Part of the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC), a national site dedicated to the memory of fallen of the Israeli intelligence community, this organization works in the following areas:

  • The Palestinian terrorist organizations, their ideology, activities and military capabilities, and their international battle for hearts and minds.
  • The Palestinian Authority and the de-facto Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip.
  • Hezbollah in Lebanon.
  • The campaign to delegitimize Israel.
  • Financing and marketing terrorism, and the states which sponsor terrorism (especially Iran and Syria).
  • Anti-Semitism, incitement to terrorism and hatred for the State of Israel and the Jewish people in the Arab-Muslim world.
  • Radical Islam.
  • The global jihad and Al-Qaeda.
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



The Israel advocacy arm of the Conservative movement in the United States.


MEMRI: Middle East Media Research Institute,

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East through the region’s media. MEMRI bridges the language gap that exists between the West and the Middle East.


Middle East Forum,

The Middle East Forum promotes American interests in the Middle East and protects Western values from Middle Eastern threats. MEF focuses on ways to defeat radical Islam; work for Palestinian acceptance of Israel; develop strategies to contain Iran; and deal with the great advances of anarchy.


Mideast Truth,

Online articles, reports, videos, quotes, and chat forums about Mideast history, politics and current events


Myths and Facts Online: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

By Mitchell G. Bard, Ph.D. Online version by Mitchell Bard. Part of the Jewish Virtual Library, Myths and Facts grew out of surveys regarding pertinent issues, meeting the need to educate readers about the Arab-Israeli conflict and to debunk myths perpetrated by those who wished to rewrite history to suit their own purposes.

The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) has produced an updated version hyperlinked to the vast resources available in the Jewish Virtual Library and is constantly updated as new events occur. A paperback version may also be purchased.


Myths and Facts By Eli E. Hertz,

A similar but separate endeavor.


NGO Monitor,

NGO Monitor provides information and analysis, promotes accountability, and supports discussion on the reports and activities of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) claiming to advance human rights and humanitarian agendas.  It produces and distributes critical analysis and reports on the activities of the international and local NGO networks, for the benefit of government policy makers, journalists, philanthropic organizations and the general public. It documents and publicizes distortions of human rights and international law in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as double standards and biased campaigns, and provide information and context on these issues and activities, in order to encourage informed public debate.  An excellent resource on Israel-based NGO funding, BDS supporters, especially in Europe, and international law and human rights.


Palestinian Media Watch,

PMW was established in 1996 to gain an understanding of Palestinian society through the monitoring of the Palestinian Arabic language media and schoolbooks. PMW analyzes Palestinian Authority [PA] culture and society from numerous perspectives, including studies on summer camps, poetry, schoolbooks, religious ideology, crossword puzzles, and many more. PMW has been playing the critical role of documenting the contradictions between the image the Palestinians present to the world in English and the messages to their own people in Arabic.


Scholars for Peace in the Middle East,

SPME is a grass-roots community of (primarily) academic scholars to inform, motivate, and encourage faculty to use their academic skills and disciplines on campus, in classrooms, and in academic publications to develop effective responses to the ideological distortions, including anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist slanders, that poison debate and work against peace on campuses and within academic societies.


Simon Wiesenthal Center,

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international Jewish human rights organization which deals with Middle East issues.



Dedicated to informing the public about Israel and to combating extremism and anti-Semitism Offers print materials, speakers, programs, conferences, missions to Israel, campaigns, focus on social media and internet resources.


Untold News,

Untold News is dedicated to building support for Israel by educating younger Americans about Israel’s positives, including cutting-edge technology; medical, scientific, and environmental advances; and vital humanitarian work. Our aim is to raise awareness of Israel’s extraordinary contributions so that the next generation of leaders will see Israel as a valued friend.


UN Watch,

UN Watch is a non-governmental organization based in Geneva whose mandate is to monitor the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of its own Charter. UN Watch notes that the disproportionate attention and unfair treatment applied by the UN toward Israel over the years offers an object lesson (though not the only one) in how due process, equal treatment, and other fundamental principles of the UN Charter are often ignored or selectively upheld.


The World Factbook,

Maintained by the CIA, the Factbook includes maps, a brief history of Israel and current facts and statistics concerning Israel’s topography, as well as population, demographic, and political information.


The World Union of Jewish Students,

The World Union of Jewish Students website provides helpful materials for Israel advocacy, including a comprehensive hasbara handbook for promoting Israel on campus.



The Zionist Organization of America is the oldest, and one of the largest, pro-Israel organizations in the United States.