“Giving Credit” – Joe Weiser in the New Mexican 3/3/16

Joe Weiser of Santa Fe wrote in the SF New Mexican on Thursday, March 3, 2016:

I found the recent article by Cynthia Miller most interesting (“Walk on,” Feb. 9).  I have seen the ReWalk system on television a few times, but I had not realized it was available locally.  I really hope that it will benefit patients both physically and mentally.  Just one small quibble, if I may?  I realize that Israel is not popular in The New Mexican.  In fact, Israel is considered absolute anathema to many in the community.  Nevertheless, I think it would have been better journalism to mention that the ReWalk system was invented and developed in Israel.

Kudos to him for writing in and clarifying.  As we noted in a recent post and action alert, the Rewalk is mentioned as an Israeli invention by the New Mexican reporter online, but not in the printed version.  It’s great that Weiser wrote in.  It’s unfortunate he needed to mention the negative popularity in town.  He is right that Israel is “considered absolute anathema” to some in the community.  It’s not clear that is true “to many in the community.”  There are many pro-Israel (and pro-Zionist) individuals in the community.  We don’t know the numbers of the anti-Israel folks, though when they have rallies they tend to attract only 25-50 people.  Anti-Israel speakers, like those sponsored by the Lannan Foundation, do attract many more, though again it’s not clear that the audience is consistently anti-Israel as it may be as much there to learn more.

Let’s hope that we don’t need to be apologetic for being pro-Israel (as is the great majority of the U.S. population).  The default position is the positive view:  that Israel has embraced innovation and produced many products that help in health care, software, agriculture, desert energy, etc.  To see more go to the posting from February or many other websites that list the greatest Israeli inventions in the last 30 years.

Santa Fe Middle East Watch is here for back-up and support for those who unapologetically want to promote Israel for the great place it is.  Every communication to the paper, on Facebook or Twitter, or in showing up and asking questions of speakers can help to gain the support of the general population in Santa Fe.