Our Supporters

Thanks to those who have donated to help fund SFMEW’s activities:


Lance & Julia Bell

Abigail Davidson

Betsy Ehrenberg

Joe Eigner

Halley & Ruth Anne Faust

Robby Geller

Phil Goldstone

Kristina Harrigan & Jeffrey Krenzel

Eileen Grevey Hillson

Yolanda Hesch

Gary & Sue Katz

Bonnie Kohl & John Liebman

Bob & Charlotte Kornstein

Jeffrey & Joan Less

Fred & Arlyn Nathan

Dan & Carol Pava

David Pollak & Francine Landau

Ira & Paulina Robinson

Carol and Bernie Toobin

Marcia Torobin in memory of Len Torobin


SFMEW is a beneficiary program of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico.

The Gottstein Family Foundation

The Kadima Fund, Seattle, Washington

In-kind support

ADL of New Mexico

Santa Fe Jewish Center – Chabad

Jewish Federation of New Mexico

Jewish National Fund

Son Broadcasting, Inc.

We also thank those who helped us bring Dennis Ross to Santa Fe (Hosts – $180, and Sponsors – $750+):

Lance & Julia Bell
Eva & Edward Borins
Jean & George Callaghan
Abigail Davidson & Paddy Rawal
Jeff Diamond, Esq.
Robert & Jeana Efroymson
Drs. Joseph & Janet Eigner
Halley & Ruth Anne Faust (Sponsor)
Drs. Bonnie Ellinger & Paul Golding
Doris Francis-Erhard
Robert B. Geller, MD
Drs. Todd Goldblum & Barbara Einhorn
Dr. Steven & Susan Goldstein
Phil Goldstone & Heidi Hahn
Barney & Rachel Gottstein, the Gottstein Family Foundation (Sponsor)
Kristina Harrigan & Jeffrey Krenzel
Daniel & Naomi Israel
Drs. Susan & Gary Katz
Reggie Klein
Bonnie Kohl and John Liebman (Sponsor)
Dr and Mrs Lee Levin
Rabbi Martin Levy & Kaycee Cantor
Dr. Richard Lieberman
Rita & Michael Linder
Santa Fe Jewish Center – Chabad
Marvin Schneider
Dr. Dirk Wassner & Janie Siskin
Phillip & Leslie Stern
Marcia Torobin in memory of Len (Sponsor)
Nate & Bina Thompkins
Norman & Marcell Wallace

Many thanks.  We are grateful.

You, too, can contribute.  Click on this yellow “Donate” buttonDonate buttonto send your tax deductible donation to the Jewish Federation of New Mexico, designating your donation for SFMEW.  Please let us know of your action by sending us an email (donate@sfmew.org) indicating the amount, whether we can add your name (or your organization’s name) on this webpage, and how you would prefer your name appear on this page.

We thank the Federation for its ongoing administrative support as well.

If you have contributed and your name is not yet on this page, or if you’d prefer your name be represented in a different way, please let us know by sending an email to donate@sfmew.org.  We’ll add/correct as soon as possible.

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