Richard Lieberman rebuts Israel Hater in New Mexican 2/15/16

Congratulations to Santa Fe physician Richard Lieberman for a reasoned, articulate letter to the editor in the New Mexican today. In response to a frequent anti-Zionist New Mexican letter writer, Lieberman wrote:

When love trumps hate

Barbara Kenny’s comment (“Truth to power,” Letters to the editor, Feb. 8) that Israeli leaders are “devoted to their delusions” offers fresh insight into the misinformed anti-Israel rag. If there is one thing quite irrefutable, it is that Israelis live in a difficult neighborhood, and decisions are made in the context of stark reality, including seeing their children stabbed at bus stops. Disagree with policy if you like, but the delusions are your own.

The reality is that there is a 23-state solution: a billion Arabs in 22 states, and 8 million Jews and Arabs in one state. One model is typified by Syria, now in ruins with 250,000 dead in a horrible civil war. The other model is Israel, a thriving democracy, where women, both Arab and Jewish, can vote and drive, unlike in most neighboring states. The question about people in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, abandoned by Jordan and Egypt, is a difficult one. But to paraphrase late former Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir, peace will come when those people love children more than they hate the Jews.

Richard Lieberman, M.D.

Santa Fe


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