Yasher Koach to Ruth Anne Faust – Letter to the editor, New Mexican, May 19, 2016

SFMEW’s mission includes letting the Santa Fe community know that Israel does much more for the world than one would think from the headlines and negative articles and letters that appear in the daily media.  So, from time-to-time SFMEW sends out an alert asking members to laud the the media that might produce something positive about Israel.  It only takes a few minutes to write a quick letter to the editor.  Ruth Anne Faust did this a few days ago – she saw an article in the New Mexican and dashed off the following, printed on May 19:

Refreshing to read

It is so refreshing to read something positive about the many wonderful things Israel does in the world (“Cyber oasis rises in Israel’s desert,” May 15). It is a great example of how Israel’s efforts help the world. Israel offers innovation and humanitarian aid far beyond any other country its size or in its situation, often being first in line, the most organized and the most giving when tragedy and needs arise throughout the world. Thank you.

Ruth Anne Faust, Santa Fe

While we can’t easily measure the impact of such letters, we believe that over time such letters help to (1) influence those who don’t know much, (2) reinforce positive feelings in those who are so pre-disposed, and, (who knows – we can hope?) maybe even (3) re-shape opinion in adversaries who may be intellectually open-minded.  Remember, as we say at SFMEW, this is a marathon, not a sprint.


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