Updates: 1) Bill Stewart again; 2) Clive Lipchin event; 3) Ruth Anne Faust My View; 4) Federation Super Sunday; 5) Next SFMEW meeting; 6) TBS Israel at 70; 7) AIPAC Policy Conference

A lot to catch up on – please read through the entire post for news and to respond… 1. Bill Stewart – another nonsense column. Let’s see, Iranians are protesting, Yemen has fallen apart (along with Syria), the Palestinians have […]

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More on the Haas’ My View, Jerusalem

It’s been a busy week for pro- and anti-Israel writings in the New Mexico media. Yasher Koach to Ruth Moss (“Israel not to blame for Palestinian suffering”), Berel Levertov (“Community Celebrates Chanukah Together”), Zach Benjamin (“Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, Period”), for […]

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