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The purpose of SFVFI is threefold:

    1. To educate the SF community about Israel and the Middle East proactively, factually, positively.
    2. To counteract criticism of Israel by non-profits, media, and others in Santa Fe in surrounding areas.
    3. To publicize the positive economic ties that already exist and could be strengthened between Israel and New Mexico.

If you are frustrated with the large amount of anti-Israel propaganda being perpetrated in the Santa Fe area through the media, speakers, by non-profits, or others, you can use this site to learn more as advocates to speak out on behalf of Israel.

Join with us to be active in the community.  Let our committee chairs know about your interest and willingness to help out:

  • If you’d like to help counter the falsities being bandied about by anti-Israel groups and individuals through the media or foundations by writing letters to the editor or op-eds, contact media@SFVFI.org.
  • If you’d like to help us bring in topnotch speakers so the community can hear the facts (rather than the historical revisionists often brought in by the Lannan Foundation and others), contact speakers@SFVFI.org.
  • And if you’d like more information about economic development between Israel and Santa Fe, contact EconomicDevelopment@SFVFI.org.

You also can help our efforts by donating to our activities through the New Mexico Jewish Federation.  Be sure to designate your donation specifically for the Santa Fe Voice For Israel or SFVFI.


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