Updates: 1) Bill Stewart again; 2) Clive Lipchin event; 3) Ruth Anne Faust My View; 4) Federation Super Sunday; 5) Next SFMEW meeting; 6) TBS Israel at 70; 7) AIPAC Policy Conference

A lot to catch up on – please read through the entire post for news and to respond… 1. Bill Stewart – another nonsense column. Let’s see, Iranians are protesting, Yemen has fallen apart (along with Syria), the Palestinians have […]

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Amb. Yoram Ettinger on “The Myth about Palestinian-Israeli Demographics”

On November 1, 2017 SFMEW sponsored Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, consultant on U.S./Israel Relations, and former Minister for Congressional Affairs at Israel’s Embassy.  Amb. Ettinger spoke  on “The Myth about Palestinian-Israel Demographics” at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design Auditorium Forum. […]

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